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Dill Mill Gayye: The home of DMGians around the world

Welcome to the number one home of Dill Mill Gayye fans around the world! Here, you can revel alongside other DMGians as you converse and bond over your love for this amazing TV show! The nationwide craze that this show has caused led us to start this website so that we can share our love with other fans not just from India but from all over the world as well. 

Our goal

Our number one goal here at Dill Mill Gayye is to gather the fans of this show and talk about how it impacted our lives. This way, the spirit of the show can stay alive for many years to come even though its curtains have closed over 10 years ago.

How can we achieve this goal?

To keep the show alive, our staff arranges a meeting/watch party for Dill Mill Gaye. This event is done once every year during the summer and it never fails to bring together some of the most die-hard fans of the show. At these events, we throw the most exciting parties as we share the same passion for our beloved show and characters.

We also write blogs regularly that cover the show. These topics cover its best moments, characters, what makes the show great and many more. This way, longtime fans can relive the show in all its glory as well as introduce newcomers.


Because the show aired its last episode back in 2010, some people are unfamiliar with it. This is why we have compiled some of the questions that we frequently get asked here at Dill Mill Gayye and answered them the best we can. From what the series and what it’s about, we plan on answering them all here.

What is Dill Mill Gayye about?

The show follows the story of 4 interns from a medical school somewhere in India. In this story, they try their best to become the best doctors in the entire country. 

Through their journey, they realized that being a medical professional isn’t as easy as they thought. Through the show’s various episodes, watch as the characters try to balance their responsibilities and relationships.

Who are the main characters of the show?

The story follows 4 main characters and several recurring ones. The main characters are:

  • Dr Armaan Malik played by Karan Singh Grover
  • Dr Riddhima Gupta played by Shilpa Anand, Sukirti Kandpal and Jennifer Winget
  • Dr Siddhant Modi played by Karan Wahi
  • Dr Shilpa Malhotra is played by Shilpa Anand.

Watch Dill Mill Gayye today!

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of Dil Mill Gayye, it’s time for you to binge-watch all of its 722 episodes! What are you waiting for? Get ready to laugh, cry and more when you start following the story of these 4 interns!