What makes the characters lovable

Dill Mill Gayye: What makes the characters lovable?

There are various reasons why it’s fun to watch Dill Mill Gayye. From its story to its setting and of course, its characters. One of the best things about this hit TV show is its ensemble because the viewers are treated with well-written characters played by talented actors.

One could also argue that these characters carried the entire show and made it the way it is and for good reasons. Throughout its 2 season run, viewers were able to connect with these unique personalities as they went through their journey of becoming medical professionals. If you’re wondering why these characters are so lovable, keep on reading! 

They’re relatable

One of the main reasons why the characters of Dill Mill Gayye are so beloved is because they were written to be relatable. By writing them as normal human beings, viewers gravitate towards them more because they can sometimes put themselves in their shoes.

This relatability is evident especially during various dilemmas that the characters encounter. Some of the decisions that they make during these trying times are sure to make the audience say to themselves, ‘that’s what I would’ve done too’.

Being relatable also means that these characters aren’t perfect. They make several mistakes from time to time but that’s part of what makes them lovable. Additionally, it’s how they redeem themselves after making mistakes that perfectly shows how they’re just human beings. 

They’re interesting

For TV shows, it’s always important to make sure that the characters are interesting to watch. This way, viewers will always have a reason to go back and keep watching every episode that comes out.

Each character in this show has a unique personality and quirks that differ them from each other. This not only keeps the character interesting but how they interact with different situations as well.

Their chemistry together

Just like with Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy and several other ensemble casts, Dill Mill Gayye’s characters are popular is because of their chemistry together. In each scene where these 4 interns are together, you can always expect to witness a great scene. 

A scene where all of them are together sometimes feels like a reward as they’re often seen doing something on their own because of their responsibilities. Whether it be heavy drama or light comedy, these characters won’t disappoint.

Also, we won’t spoil it here but two of the main characters end up with each other and their chemistry together is one of the best things about this show.

They have goals

From the get-go, the show instantly tells that these 4 characters have a goal and that is to become the best doctors in the country. With this goal set in the viewer’s minds, they have a reason to get behind them until they become successful doctors.

Also, giving the characters a goal instead of just letting them go through random things every day makes them more interesting to watch because you can see their dedication.

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