What makes a great TV show

Dill Mill Gayye: What makes a great TV show?

Ever since Media and Entertainment (M.E.) was first launched, thousands of TV shows have graced the television screen. These titles range from different genres and each country has their collection of TV shows.

Many have come and go while some huge impacts in both the industry and in the lives of millions of viewers. These shows stood the test of time and are still widely watched or talked about today. 

Here in India, one of the most beloved TV series of all time is Dill Mill Gaye. The show follows a simple premise that involves four interns trying to become doctors but it garnered success to the point where it aired over 700 episodes. But what makes this and countless other TV shows that much more memorable? What do they do that makes them great? Keep on reading to find out the answers to these questions!

Memorable characters

One of the main reasons for a TV show’s success is its memorable characters. To carry a show for several seasons, it has to have an ensemble that viewers can relate to and find interesting. Whether it be the protagonists or the antagonists, these people should be written in a way where they can be empathized with. If they have bland personalities and have no goals whatsoever, the viewer’s won’t have any reason to keep watching the show.

A great example of this is the ensemble in the hit 90’s TV series, Friends, which lasted for 10 years. The success that this show had can be hugely attributed to the titular friends themselves, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Chandler and Monica. 

Each of them had their unique quirks that were written in a way where millions of people could relate to their dilemmas despite not living in New York City. It also helped that they all had loveable personalities.

The viewers also witnessed the evolution of each of these characters as the show went on for several episodes and seasons. In the final season, they were nothing like they were when the show originally aired which makes sense as they grew up along with the viewers.

In case a TV show follows a lead character instead of an entire ensemble, he/she should have an impact on the viewers. These types of characters should be memorable to the point where fans can get behind or look up to them.

Character evolution

A great way to keep a series fresh is to show character evolution. If the TV show follows a linear story, the characters should evolve as they encounter various situations in their journey.

This is perfectly shown in The Walking Dead’s main protagonist, Rick. In the earlier seasons, he was portrayed as a conservative man who still lived by the standards that he was used to before the zombie apocalypse. This meant that he wasn’t that keen on killing other survivors that turned into bandits just trying to survive.

In the later seasons, Rick started to evolve into a more savage character where he doesn’t think twice before killing someone who wronged him or anyone from his group. This type of character evolution is what made The Walking Dead the gigantic TV show that it was back in its heyday.

A compelling story

Another important aspect of a TV show is its story. Right off the bat, the premise of the series should immediately hook the viewers into sitting through its various episodes. This story can either change as the series goes through several years or it can be centred around it for the whole duration of the show.

When a show fails in this department, there’s a huge chance that it can get cancelled. We’ve seen this happen on several occasions and it’s bound to happen more as long as some studios don’t know how to compose an interesting story that can span through multiple seasons.

Also, each showrunner should expect that not everyone will watch their series because people have different interests. The important thing is that their target audience is provided with a compelling story that will give them a reason to keep tuning in to their show.

There are TV shows that have managed to keep the story interesting as the years went by such as Breaking Bad, Prisonbreak, The Mandalorian and more. Unfortunately, several ones dropped the ball before it could end on a positive note.

With Dill Mill Gayye, it introduces a new story where the plot follows four loveable interns that are trying their best to become doctors. This simple premise is made better by the everyday trials that these characters have to go through such as balancing their friendships and relationships with their jobs. Throughout the series, viewers will see how these characters will evolve from naive and untalented interns to the best medical professionals in the field.

Talented actors

A well-written character can go to waste if the production doesn’t hire the right actor to portray them. One thing that’s been a constant in several TV shows is that the characters are perfectly portrayed by an actor to the point where they become synonymous with each other.

Some good examples of this include Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, Bryan Cranston as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield in Prison Break and more. 

This is why casting directors are important because they can visualize the characters which can lead them to find the right actor to play them. Finding someone fit for the role doesn’t mean opting for the already established big-named stars. For other actors, it’s through their performance in a TV show where they got their big break.

Good writing

When it comes to making TV shows, the script serves as the backbone of the entire production. No matter how talented the actors are, if they don’t have a good script to follow, the show can easily fall apart. 

Not everyone can write great scripts for specific genres. This is why there are specific writers that specialize in comedies to make sure that every punchline lands. If they don’t, the line could end up dry and may sound cringe. The same goes for other genres as well such as romance, drama, thriller, etc. 

Various factors help make a good script. For starters, each line that the actor throws should sound natural and not robotic to make the show feel more believable. Whether they’re acting out dramatic, comedic or other roles, the writing should leave some room for improvisation to make it sound natural.

Good writing is also what makes villains memorable. Antagonists shouldn’t be written off as simply the ‘bad guy’. They should have a motive that explains why they became villains in the first place. Some bad guys are so well written that the viewers almost start to side with them.


Since the first TV show has aired back in 1928, millions of other titles have been released throughout the years. This makes it hard for producers to come up with new and original ideas which is also the reason why there are so many adaptations and remakes in the industry today.

Some viewers are tired of seeing the same story being played out in different TV shows with only some minor tweaks. However, every once in a while, some new shos promise to bring something new to the world of television. When this happens, viewers are automatically drawn to the show as it treats them to something that they’ve never seen or heard before.

Great soundtrack

In movies and TV shows, audio is just as important as visuals which is why choosing the right soundtrack can make or break a scene. Thanks to these accompanying pieces of music playing in the background, a bland scene can be made more impactful.

There are some TV shows in the past where a certain song that the director specifically chose became synonymous with a scene in their series. A great example of this is when Fix You by Coldplay was played on the epic finale of Money Heist.

The bridge of the song which featured a crescendo perfectly complemented the build-up to the final scene of the show. As the instruments were starting to play together, the main characters started coming out of their body bags revealing that they were alive.

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