एक अच्छी टेलीविजन श्रृंखला के पांच महत्वपूर्ण कारक

टेलीविजन श्रृंखला हमेशा उत्पादन शुरू करने के लिए हरी बत्ती मिलने से पहले लेखन, कास्टिंग और शोध की एक कठोर प्रक्रिया से गुजरती है। यह जानने के लिए कि टेलीविजन श्रृंखला बनाने में कौन से कारक शामिल हैं, इस विषय पर सीमित ज्ञान वाले दर्शकों के लिए भी कला की गुणवत्ता का बेहतर आकलन करने … Read more

क्या एक अच्छा टीवी शो बनाता है?

टीवी शो आमतौर पर घर पर समय बिताने के तरीके के रूप में देखे जाते हैं। चाहे आप अपने दोस्तों, परिवार और किसी और के साथ हों, टीवी शो देखना स्पष्ट रूप से एक आदत है जिसका हर समय आनंद लिया जा सकता है। हालांकि, सभी टीवी शो अच्छे नहीं होते हैं, और आपको उनमें … Read more

एक मनोरंजक टीवी श्रृंखला बनाने में सबसे बड़े कारक क्या हैं?

जब लोग टीवी श्रृंखला के बारे में बात करते हैं, तो वे आमतौर पर लंबी अवधि की कहानियों के बारे में सोचते हैं, जिन्होंने प्रशंसकों को बहुत आकर्षित किया है। आपके पास ब्रेकिंग बैड या गेम ऑफ थ्रोन्स जैसे शो हैं जो दोनों ही मनोरंजक टीवी श्रृंखलाएं हैं। आइए उन सबसे बड़े कारकों के बारे … Read more

Best scenes in the entire series

Dill Mill Gayye: Best scenes in the entire series Throughout 2 seasons and over 700 episodes of Dill Mill Gayye, there have been several iconic scenes that stuck with people’s hearts and minds. These moments are hugely part of the reason why this show became the phenomenon that it was not only in India but … Read more

What makes the characters lovable

Dill Mill Gayye: What makes the characters lovable? There are various reasons why it’s fun to watch Dill Mill Gayye. From its story to its setting and of course, its characters. One of the best things about this hit TV show is its ensemble because the viewers are treated with well-written characters played by talented … Read more

What makes a great TV show

Dill Mill Gayye: What makes a great TV show? Ever since Media and Entertainment (M.E.) was first launched, thousands of TV shows have graced the television screen. These titles range from different genres and each country has their collection of TV shows. Many have come and go while some huge impacts in both the industry … Read more

AR os: Fall for You

This is a small story of a couple Armaan n Riddhima who has 4 years age difference between them and marriage was fixed by their family as the consent was send by Armaan’s family on armaan’s insistence as he was head over heels in love with Riddhima when his eyes led on her for the … Read more

Last Part : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

“I love you”, they together whispered and felt that someone in the sky was looking for them and the same time the thunderstorm started and clouds opened their wombs as if someone has opened the tap in sky in the form of rainfall. Armaan ran from the spot at the same time, with the velocity … Read more

part 2 &3: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Armaan, who was thinking, “Beta Armaan! Propose her fast nahi to pata chala Shilpa ki shadi pe use propose karu main, but shrieked off the thought. “Pheron ka samay nikal raha hai, panditji announced and everyone smiled as now Sid and Riddhima were going to tie a knot.

Complete list of AR fanfiction

List of  AR Fan Fiction Stories written by various talented writers of our blog  family , sorted  by alphabetical order : All For ur love (AR ff)Alone by nimzAnd then she said itAn Arranged love marriageAR FF…From The Time I Saw UA duke and a Duchess’s storyCarpe life with loveCollege LifeDill mein ho tum sirf tumDill … Read more